About Red Dream Massage

The RED DREAM MASSAGE is from the name of original owner Mr. Argel Joseph “Red” Garcia, that has passed away in March 2017. He developed a home massage service business in year 2014 together with his close friends and he named it ZEN OF ASIA.

During that time Zen of Asia indeed, collects a lot of clients which is Mr. Red lead himself to achieve his goal to have a successful massage business. Zen of Asia on that time had more than 30 staffs and developed another spa named ARMADA SPA. They put together the name and called “Zen of Asia with Armada Massage” and in the long run it is more well known as ZEN ARMADA MASSAGE.

Year 2017, unfortunately Mr. Red passed away. And we the family continue all of his hardship and road to success dream.

In the year 2018, we decided to change and put up the name under his name (Mr. Red) and called it RED DREAM MASSAGE and until now is still on going and successfully operating.

We aim to continue the goal of serving simply the best massage relaxation as it’s best.

A deluxe massage at home is the perfect way to pamper yourself. Relax, unwind and enjoy being treated to this indulgent experience. We offer full body massage for Men and Women at home and hotel to help you de-stress and leave you feeling relaxed.